Someone asked whether life in Spain is better than in the US

All the people responding believed that Spain is better, especially for retirees. This is my response:

I retired from a good job in the US government and believed that my pension would allow me to have a wonderful life without worries. I try to make my life wonderful by staying busy, doing volunteer work to help others and staying fit.
However, with the current administration, Con Don and his fellow Republicans, we are losing ground every day. We pay over $800 USD a month for health insurance, and another $200 to $300 for medicines not covered by insurance. If we suffer a catastrophic illness, we could lose our home and all our savings.
Con Don and the Republican legislature passed tax reform two years ago that gave the middle class a reduction in taxes for one year, but took away other tax breaks. The end result is that we are paying more taxes now than when we retired. The tax reform also reduced taxes for the rich, in one case from corporations from 35% to 20%. Now they are claiming that they can’t support entitlements, that is Social Security, Medicare and all other social programs. They aim to reduce them if they win another election.
Projections are that people like us will continue to see our retirement deteriorate as we get older.
There is a good chance that Con Don will get another four years after 2020. Things don’t look good for many of us.
Con Don and the Republicans are also doing everything they can to keep our retirement pensions static.
For health reasons my wife can’t relocate, we also have two sons that while adults need our support. Moving to another country is not an option.
I served in the military in Vietnam as an infantry soldier. Used the benefits to get a Master’s in Engineering. Worked in public service for over 40 years. Now I am disposable.
Capitalism as practiced in the US under the current administration is bad for most, except the rich. Even if progressives win in the next election it may be too late for many.

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    1. Pete,
      If it was up to me, I would have left already. Things are not looking good, especially if Con Don wins a second term.
      Of course I have responsibilities that you don’t. So you may be OK.
      Thanks for the correction.
      Take care.

  1. Mario,
    I agree. Courtesy of president 45 I paid more in taxes this year as a percentage of income then ever before. And as you mentioned many deductions available to middle-class people have virtually disappeared because the thresholds to meet the deductions have gone so high. And if you live in California New York you also may find that you can’t even deduct most of your mortgage interest. All of this so that the top 1% and mega corporations can pay zero taxes and lay off people at what appears to be a record rate . From that perspective Spain looks much better! However from a woman’s perspective maybe not so much. I don’t have the stats but there have been many articles appearing about women assaulted by gangs of young men in relatively public places. Additionally it appears that the excess number of tourists , especially from crew ships, is ruining the city of Barcelona so they have put a moratorium on both Airbnb rentals as well as crew ships. And since we know that airplanes and crew ships are two of the worst carbon offenders I figure that’s also helping with climate change.

    On a positive note I encourage you to watch a rerun of Elizabeth Warren‘s Townhall that was on MSNBC last night . .She understands the economic burden that most of middle and working class people in America are bearing right now and she has some excellent proposals for helping reverse that trend Also if you haven’t had a chance to watch it , check it out Robert Reich’s documentary called “Inequality for all “ At the end he also suggests a number of solutions to reverse the income inequality that started with the Reagan administration and continued with the GOP demonization of unions.

    Historic times we are living in, my friend. I hope we all survive .

    1. Yes, I do realize that for a woman alone things are not the same. Unfortunately safer places are also more expensive.
      I heard that Costa Rica is very nice; however, prices and cost of living keep going up.
      Miss you at the writers group. We have had very good attendance lately.
      Take care.

  2. This is the price of wild capitalism.
    Tamed capitalism is more redistributive and inclusive via taxes.
    And domesticated capitalism to develop all human potentials is rational capitalism.

    As Bernie Sanders said: the richest family in Planet Earth made its fortune with the work of the poorest families of the country using precarious jobs; indeed so precarious, that its employees need four (4) Walmart jobs to sustain a family with one child!

    Were is the redistributive characteristic of the USA tax system to maximize human capital?
    How far we are from rational capitalism?
    And finally; Can be rational the capitalist system?
    Keynes thought so and Roosveldt believed him.

    Best wishes.

    1. Primo,
      It amazes me that so many people in the US chose not to see how much better this country could be.
      They are blind to anything that is not labeled as capitalism.
      The richest country in the world with more than 50 million below the poverty line.

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